Our programme provides a balance between structured learning and free play that will fully prepare your child for school.

Although we are an open plan centre which gives rise to a greater scope in peer learning, we also have times in smaller groups which are age and stage appropriate.

The centre has two ‘Mat-Times’ per day. A Christian focused mat time is held once a week. We also concentrate on literacy and topics of interest. We run mat times in age and stage groups, as mentioned above. The “Lambs” 2-3 years, the “Lions” 3-4 years and the “Butterflies” group 4.5-5 years. Each age group has their own teachers. This allows focused teaching and activities.

The second mat time is brief, but is a great opportunity for the children to show things they have made during the day.

Transition to school program

This programme is for 4.5 – 5 year olds and Focuses on: alphabet, basic colours, counting to ten, recognising their name written down and etc. The main purpose of this is to improve children’s self-managing skills so they can settle in their new primary schools quick and with ease.